OH MY!!!

I was playing with my blog yesterday, and if any of you came to visit, you would have seen what I saw :




I tell you what, after blogging for more than 10 years, I have never had this happen to me before! Somehow when I was previewing different themes, it changed the settings and had a static page being the front rather than my latest blogposts. Thanks to google I worked it out….

I am going to be playing a bit more with my blog in the weeks to come so if you see strange things happening, then bear with me please!!!

Today’s plans are going opshopping, grocery shopping and this afternoon sit and sew at my local quilt group. I need to pop the binding on this charity quilt:


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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I bought a quilt!

While at Nora’s shop, I had been eyeing off some quilts she had for sale. Some of them she had made, some her assistant Dhell made.


Now of course you may wonder why a quilter would buy a quilt from someone else? Well, Dhell looked after us so well while we were staying at The Best Quilt Shop in the World, that I thought buying a quilt from her would be a nice thank you… besides I really liked this particular quilt and I also love to have quilts that are made by my friends…. So a few reasons there πŸ™‚

Now I’m home in Oz, and Dhell’s quilt is on my chair…


except when I am sitting in it – then it is on my lap because it’s a bit colder here than Arabia at the moment! Anyone else got the wood heater on?



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The Best Quilt Shop in the World


I may be biased, but I have just spent an amazing time at Craft Kingdom, my friend Nora’s quilt shop. In fact, DD and I stayed there for a week because Nora has a guest room upstairs πŸ™‚ Maybe that is what makes it the best quilt shop in the world….! Imagine waking up and being able to wander around downstairs and enjoy the fabric, notions, patterns and other quilting goodies. Imagine being able to spread out in the classroom and sew from early morning till late at night… And if you run out of something… or left something at home in Australia, you can just wander into the next room and grab what you need πŸ™‚

20160419_090930 (2)

There is no photo of the front of the shop, because the shop is in a house – “villa” as they call it here. So no traditional shop front and it is pretty much word of mouth to find it. But it is busy most days with quilting and dressmaking classes, as well as ladies dropping in for a “sit and sew” and to shop.

There are lots of fat quarters of course…

20160419_091016 (2)

And a lovely selection of batiks, from which I chose the fabric for the Melon Block quilt in the previous post:

20160419_091806 (2)

I bought this cute fat quarter pack for a special project that I am hoping to tackle tomorrow:

20160425_204501 (2)

The reason we got to stay at this lovely place for a week was because DH was away on a business trip to Romania… thankfully we were not bored for one minute while he was gone!

Well, it’s getting late but I think I’ll have a cuppa and do some surfing before I go to bed… till next time…



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Melon Block Class

melon block class

I taught a class last week using the Melon Block Template. It is a fun class and a good way to learn how to sew curves. I call it the Easy Curves class because it is much easier than attempting what I think is the more difficult wedding ring quilt.

I had four ladies attend and they all got the hang of it pretty quickly. I shared a few tips that I learned along the way, and most of them managed to finish a few blocks during class. I also made up a bonus project which I will post about later in the year with a tutorial.

There was lots of concentration going on that morning…


We used many pins and sewed slowly πŸ™‚


I think everyone was quite pleased with their work…


When I get back to Oz I’ll order in some templates and teach the class there, it really is quite fun….


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Guess Where I Am!


If you look closely at the picture above and check out the water bottles and the tissue box, you can probably guess where I am….

Two weeks ago DD and I flew back into Arabia, and it just felt like we’d never been gone!

20160411_171534 (3)

It’s still dusty, the traffic is still hectic, and the familiar buildings still there. Actually one big change is how many new tall buildings there are now in the city – there seems to be building going on everywhere.

Why are we back here? Well, DH got a job here again in February. The rest of us are still in Oz until DS17 finishes year 12, and once he is settled in to Uni or whatever he chooses to do, I will come and join DH properly. Until then I will be flying back and forth visiting. (And to think I really don’t like traveling… sigh!)

It has been lovely seeing everyone again and I’ve been getting lots of sewing done!! Seems like forever since I’ve had even an afternoon to do some stitching…

So to all of you who have asked for an update, now you know the latest from my end! I’ll post more in the next few days πŸ™‚




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Off Galavanting!


Me and my knitting are galavantingΒ around Europe….. and I thought this would be a good time to ease back in to blogging πŸ™‚

Mind you, I am doing this on my phone so please excuse strange layouts, lol!


I am in beautiful Germany staying with family and having a lovely time.


We’ve done a few daytrips including visiting this gorgeous fairytale castle! It was awesome!

I love the cute buildings and shops, especially this Christmas shop:


There was a market in the center of town, and I thought these little pumpkins were sooooo cute:


That’s all for now but I should be back with dome more pics soon! Hope you are all well.


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Oh Dear…..

….. can’t believe it has been over a month since I blogged!!! Where did March go? I think I lost it somewhere along the line….

I have been sewing, and I also have Emmie G set up ready to go for this Easter weekend…. planning to get a few quilts done including this scrappy one:


So hopefully next week I’ll take some better photos of some finished quilts and post them up here….

What are you all planning for your Easter weekend?
















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Gail Pan Sew-a-long

I came across this sew-a-long hosted by Sunshine Quilting and decided I really should join in because I have at least two Gail Pan ufo’s, and one new one I want to start…. I was a bit late getting organized for the link up last month, but this month I did get my stuff out and worked a bit more on….. well, a loooong time ago, before we went to Arabia last time, I went on this little tripΒ  and bought two kits for Somerhill House:


I had made a start on it back in Arabia, but then it got forgotten…

So now it has all been found again and I even got one block of applique done, with a few more prepared. This is how far I am:


I have done all the pieced blocks, and cut out the large plain squares. Now I have to make all the flowers and then do the house blocks – did I mention I am doing two at the same time?! One for mum and one for me.

So thank you Martina for hosting this sew-a-long and I hope I get more done next month!


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Creativity and Some Freebies!


DD has been very creative lately… actually, she has been busy for a while, and now she is finally “done”. As you can see, Meela helped out, as cats do….

DD has been working on these paper dolls since last November πŸ™‚ Now she has them up on craftsy – one freebie, and two for sale… This one is the freebie:


This one is a Prince and Princess with their kitty (note the kitty has its own outfit in both sets!):


It is a pdf in color and black and white:


With LOTS of outfits! All the clothes fit all the dolls…. Then she also has a Christmas one up for sale with not a kitty but….



A close up of the darling reindeer:


Isn’t it gorgeous?! Of course the quilter in me is thinking applique… πŸ™‚

And talking about the quilter in me…. In January I gave her a list of words for motivation for the year, and asked her to turn them into a stitchery design for me. This is what she came up with:


I do like it…. πŸ™‚ I finished stitching it up a few days ago, popped it in the frame and it is up on Craftsy for free if any of you want to make one too…

Last but not least, DD designed this cute stitchery as well, great to use on a cushion or quilt…. it is up for sale on Craftsy…


So go and grab yourself some freebies (I’ve linked the photos to the pattern on craftsy, so just click on the pics to get there)… and if you have any little girls (or boys?!) in your family that might like to play with some old fashioned paper dolls, then they would make a nice pressie I am sure. Oh, and don’t forget to click “follow” so that you can see any new designs DD makes, she seems to be on a roll…!







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Skype Sewing Day



Alice and I finally caught up for a skype sewing session…. it’s been at least a year I am sure. It was lovely to just spend the morning with her, no interruptions, just sewing and chatting while being half a world apart. You can see I had it all set up nicely for maximum productivity πŸ™‚

I had my cup of tea handy:


Alice had her Red Bull:


I worked on the SAL blocks, gluing them to interfacing and then machine stitching:


It seemed to work well and I got four blocks done:


Not bad for a morning’s sewing, me thinks…


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