Birthday Treats

I had a lovely relaxing week last week – and also turned a year older! Susan started my birthday celebrations a day early by dropping in a yummy cake and pressie:



The colors of the fabric haven’t come out quite right – the one on the right is much greener. I am sure I will find something fun to do with them!

On Wednesday I got brecky in bed, and visitors for morning tea. I got a special apron to add to my collection, it came all the way from Africa!


And this gorgeous bundle of fat quarters:


Last but not least, I got a voucher for Gail’s from DH and kids… so I get to go shopping soon :)

In other news, this is what I did with the neutrals I showed you in the last post:


More details on that another day… must go to bed, first day of school tomorrow…! (Where did the summer holidays go?) Oh, and sorry I’m behind with replying to emails, will get there sooooon!


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We woke up with Today…. Yesterday!


DD and I were up bright and early yesterday (well, early at least), because the Today Show was filming their weather segment from Sovereign Hill. Volunteers were asked to come and be part of the backdrop, so we decided that we’d get up at 5am to join the fun… oh, and breakfast was going to be provided, so how could we resist?

It was interesting to see how the “behind the scenes” stuff worked, and how it was all put together. It was live as well, so no practice takes! Everyone was really friendly and there was a great atmosphere…

Even before we became volunteers at Sovereign Hill we were members for years, and one of the things we loved about going there were the friendly staff and volunteers. There is always lots of fun to be had when you visit, and yesterday was no different – they did some fun stuff with Stevie, the host…


…….with one of the puppets:


And Stevie was kind enough to pose with Dad and DD:


Dad was pretty excited since he always watches the Today show :) The show crossed live to us every half hour, and focused on different parts of the museum each time. When we weren’t needed, we had cuppas and I worked a bit on my sampler:


Forgot to take pics of the breakfast we had after the show. It was at the New York Bakery and was very yummy :) If that was a sample of their breakfast menu, I’ll have to go again one day!!

All in all, it was a lovely start to the day and a great experience…

Coming up next…… doing something with this fabric…….



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Back in Time


Yesterday DD and I did a bit of time travel…. actually, we have begun to do this regularly :) At the end of last year we became volunteers at Sovereign Hill, which is an outdoor gold museum in the town nearby. My dad has also joined, and it is fun for us all to spend time together. Our first day was on Christmas Eve last year, after we had a few days of training.

We spend our days wandering around in our beautiful dresses (and parasols when it is hot). It is lots of fun chatting with the tourists who come, and oh, the amount of photos we pose for – well, I don’t enjoy them as much but it is great to see the enthusiasm of the visitors who ask to have their photo taken with us.


The men spend most of their time down at the diggings, where there are real specks of gold to be found! Dad just loves to help show visitors how to pan for gold… he’s getting quite good at finding it too!



Us ladies are not allowed to go down to the diggings, so we stay around Main street, do a bit of shopping, and then we sit in one of the ladies parlors, or one of the cottages… that’s when we get to do some stitching and talking, and more smiling for photos!

I bought a couple of pre-printed cross-stitch samplers from the Post Office that I can sit and do while smiling at visitors who drop by… I’m planning on copying some more from the 1800s and then putting them into a quilt :)


A bit of a change from the world of technology, and lots of fun… and then it is back to the future for us at the end of the day :)


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Happy New Year!

Yes, I am still here!! 2014 passed in a blur, with many health issues, settling back in to Oz and not a lot of sewing happening. But I have great hopes for this year! Thanks to all of you who have sent me checking up emails, and I hope to get back into the swing of things….

We just moved house again in Nov, so I still have some boxes to unpack, but am almost there… it seems to take me longer to get settled these days, must be old age!

NJ SAL-button

I’m working on my goals for this year, and to kick it all off, I’ve joined up with Chookyblue’s SAL again! I’m looking forward to working on Anni’s new pattern, it will be the first quilt of hers I have done I think.

I’m not going to commit to much more this year with regards to sewing challenges, perhaps just one or two more. I really want to concentrate on my UFOs, so let’s see how that goes :)

Here’s to a year of many finishes for all of us!


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Sewing Dates

I’ve been meaning to write this post since Wednesday night! I have no idea where last week went… do you? So now I shall just update you on both of the sewing dates I had last week…

Wednesday morning I dropped DS off at school and then headed over to Mum and Dad’s for a cuppa. Here is what awaited me:


This is a typical Dutch breakfast – cup of tea, soft boiled egg and a beschuitje with sugar :)

After this lovely start to my day, I drove over to my sewing date with Susan. She had a table set up specially for me!


I had Baby B with me, and worked on some of the 100 patches. I am getting there :


This is a pic of Susan’s lovely Gammill room:


It is MUCH neater than mine!!!!

Susan finished sewing borders on a bed runner:


More about this pattern on her blog

After working on some of the 100 patches, I managed to get the binding on Wiggly Whimsy:


Yay, it is nearly done!!

On Saturday I usually go to a patchwork group in my old hometown. This week they all came to my place instead to see my stash, sewing room, and junk :)

I worked hard to get the room ready…. but needed help with removing this unwanted visitor:


Oops, sorry, it’s rather out of focus… maybe my hands were a bit shaky? Here’s one closer up:


Yep, a huntsman…. with what looks like cobwebs on his legs… hmmm… must dust…. so out he went down the back paddock…

I am sure the ladies were happy he wasn’t there when they got here…. We all settled in to some lovely chatting, ooohing over fabric and sewing machines… when suddenly there was a knock at the door and another visitor! Thankfully it wasn’t the huntsman coming back, but it was this cute little thing:


A little lost kitty that had been hanging around the elderly lady’s house across the road. She is blind, and her carer came to ask if it was our cat. Sadly I had to say no…. so she said she’d have to take her to the pound… whereupon I took the gorgeous little thing and asked if any of the ladies wanted a kitten :)

One of the ladies said she would take it home and I will hang up some posters in the neighbourhood to see if we can get this little kitten back home again. It is not a feral one, looks like it has been well cared for, so hopefully we will find its owners… anyone reading my blog recognize it?!

It settled in quite happily with us for the afternoon:


I did manage to get a few stitches in, in amongst having cups of tea, chatting, and cuddling kittens.. I sewed this heart to the back of my gorgeous heart quilt:


Now it can go on the wall:


Well, that is all for now… got a busy week ahead and not sure how much sewing will get done, but oh well… hope you all can do some for me!


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Monday Happenings

Woke up this morning to a very foggy day:


Visibility was pretty bad all the way to school and back…. Even Gail’s was shrouded in fog:


Would you believe I drive past Gail’s four times every day  and have only dropped in once…? How amazing am I?! (Broke is more like it, but oh well!!)

The fog had still not lifted by the time I headed out to my craft/sewing group. Thankfully no kangaroos hopped out of the fog on the way….

The place where we meet, is in a lovely new building in a town near our house (which is still being rented out). I enjoy going out to that area once a week, makes me feel like home… one day I hope we can move back into our house, until then I am being patient.  (Really, I am….!)

I usually try to get to craft early so that I can set up Baby B in the corner, to minimize people tripping over the power cord :)


As you can see there is plenty of space and a nice tidy kitchen to make cuppas.


Baby B all set up and ready to go… I brought my 100 patches with me to work on since they are just mindless chain sewing:


I got one and a half done… I must remember to take photos of them – I can’t remember how many I have done now… I do have a lot of baggies left with squares, so I am not quite done… but at least I am making some progress!

After having a lovely morning with the ladies I dropped by some farm friends for a cuppa. This little fella was there as well:


All animals are cute as babies…aren’t they? This little guy was oinking and following me around wherever I went :)

After that it was home again, home again, jiggity jig….

A good start to the week I think!



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A Chookshed Party!


There’s a party this weekend at Chookyblue’s and we were all invited to celebrate her Chookshed turning 2 :)

I couldn’t attend yesterday because we were at another party – my DFIL turned 80 yesterday, so we spent the day with him instead! Well, most of the day… 6 hours were spent traveling back and forth to the party, but it was worth it! We got back just before 10 last night and I told DH and kiddies that today I was going to be in the sewing room joining Chookyblue and the other ladies….

Of course first I need to tidy up the sewing room….. :)

So this post will be added to throughout the day as I get the room tidied up and start working on things….

Got a few things in mind to play with… so stay tuned for updates with photos!

1.48 pm Update

Ok, made a start :)

I’ve been cutting up scraps with my Go! Chisel die…. I thought I’d make a bright scrappy baby quilt, so I dug into my stash, found a feature fabric and came up with these bits and pieces, along with a rough scribble of what I want it to be:


After all those brights I needed something to relax my eyes, so I went through my non-bright scraps :)

Here is the die I am using:


Much more toned down….. chain sewed some of them together….


Ironed them out:


Played with a few arrangements…





…. and decided I like it, so I need to cut way more darks and lights to play with…. :)

I just made the mistake of walking through the kitchen to get a drink, and saw all the dishes… time for a sewing break and back to reality… I will do a few dishes and then get back to the sewing room :) Hope everyone is sewing lots! I’ll go do some blog visits at afternoon tea time!


8.15pm Update

Well, I am calling it a day! Although it doesn’t look like I did much compared to some of the bloggers I visited, I am so pleased that I managed to do some sewing at least! Thankfully I have my sewing group tomorrow morning and a sewing date with Susan later in the week, so I should be able to get more done this week. But for Chookyblue’s party, this is it….

I did get the bright baby top done:


Sorry about the photo, need to get a design wall or something… it is dark outside and in, so that photo will have to do!!

For all those who are still enjoying their Sunday sewing for a bit longer, hope you keep having fun!! Thanks Chookyblue for putting on the party, and oh, last but not least, please head over to her blog and check out this post… it’s for a good cause!


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My New Hobby

I know, I am supposed to be showing you photos of what I have been sewing… not of my new hobby… well, I keep forgetting to take photos of my sewing and did take photos of my new hobby, so this will have to be first….

For Christmas and my birthday in January I got something I’d been interested in for a very long time ….. a pressure canner! I have been preserving with Fowler’s bottles since I got married – fruit, tomatoes, jams and jellies… but I was fascinated by the idea of canning meat and  veggies. So I was very pleased when I got my canner at the beginning of the year.

So far I have done some minced meat, potatoes, chicken and yummy, yummy Sloppy Joe mix. The latter was very popular and we ran out quickly, so yesterday I decided to make up another batch.

I used this recipe HERE.

I doubled the recipe and cooked it all up in a big pot. Then poured it into the jars and got them ready to pop the lids on:



A couple of hours later they were all done and cooling on the counter:


I also popped in some veggie soup… all of the jars sealed but one. Today I made another batch of just veggie soup, so that will do us for a little while at least :)

So there you go – that is my new hobby….

Any other canning quilters out there?



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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today was one of the best Mother’s days ever :) My kids totally spoiled me! I got to sleep in and then got up to a yummy brecky made by the three of them:


There were eggs, bacon and waffles… and a pile of pressies!


Here they are all unwrapped:


Love them all! They also made a lovely dinner for me, and my Mum and Dad came over to share it. But I forgot to take a photo!!! I told the kids we’d have to do it all over again so I could take a pic!!

To all the Mums out there – Happy Mother’s Day!

And as my sister put it so well on Facebook:

Thinking of my friends who are single Mums, you’re Amazing! !
Thinking of those who have lost their Mum.
Thinking of those who so desperately want to be a Mum and can’t.
Mother’s day 2014.♡


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Up and Running!

Emmie G is FINALLY up and running!!! And my sewing room is functional… yay!!!

Susan came over the other day and we had a lovely morning sewing and chatting. While we chatted I got Emmie G started…


sewing room1

I popped a practice piece on and we gave her a whirl… She stitched beautifully, but seems to have a bit of a vibration, so I will need to stitch a bit more with her, and try to find out what is going on. It was lovely though to work with her again. Now I need to get all those flimsy’s loaded and finished!!

So because Susan was coming around I had to get the sewing room finished :) Great motivation! I took some photos later in the day because with so many windows, it is hard to get the lighting right when it is too bright outside. The photo from the doorway didn’t turn out, but here are a few others…. My nice big cutting board (28″ x 46″) fits perfectly on this table:

sewing room2

Looking back towards the door – got a round table to do stuff at…

sewing room4

Bernie is set up next to my computer. Not much space next to her, I might move the computer into the lounge room to create more room….

sewing room3

You can see that the shelves are all still a mess – I have just unpacked things straight into them, but not sorted yet. I will take my time sorting over the next few months. I also still have lots of tubs, baskets, and other things to sort out. But I am happy that I am organized enough to sew some things and feel much more settled now.

More soon on the projects I have been working on – yes, I have actually done some sewing in the past week!!!


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