Off Galavanting!


Me and my knitting are galavanting¬†around Europe….. and I thought this would be a good time to ease back in to blogging :)

Mind you, I am doing this on my phone so please excuse strange layouts, lol!


I am in beautiful Germany staying with family and having a lovely time.


We’ve done a few daytrips including visiting this gorgeous fairytale castle! It was awesome!

I love the cute buildings and shops, especially this Christmas shop:


There was a market in the center of town, and I thought these little pumpkins were sooooo cute:


That’s all for now but I should be back with dome more pics soon! Hope you are all well.


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And this is goodbye….

It’s taken me a long time to decide to write this post… but as you all know I haven’t been very consistent at blogging for a very long time now. I keep thinking I will get back into it, but I don’t… and then I feel bad about not keeping up – I tend to be an all or nothing type of person.

This week I started studying. I am doing certificates in Aged Care, Disability and Home and Community Care. After that of course I am hoping to find some part time work, so I am thinking that my blogging is really not going to be a happening thing. Sometimes we have seasons in life, and I think this season is over and another is starting.

So that’s it for now, folks. I will be dropping in on you all still. I appreciate all the friendships I have made here and hope we can keep in touch.



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Oh Dear…..

….. can’t believe it has been over a month since I blogged!!! Where did March go? I think I lost it somewhere along the line….

I have been sewing, and I also have Emmie G set up ready to go for this Easter weekend…. planning to get a few quilts done including this scrappy one:


So hopefully next week I’ll take some better photos of some finished quilts and post them up here….

What are you all planning for your Easter weekend?
















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Gail Pan Sew-a-long

I came across this sew-a-long hosted by Sunshine Quilting and decided I really should join in because I have at least two Gail Pan ufo’s, and one new one I want to start…. I was a bit late getting organized for the link up last month, but this month I did get my stuff out and worked a bit more on….. well, a loooong time ago, before we went to Arabia last time, I went on this little trip¬† and bought two kits for Somerhill House:


I had made a start on it back in Arabia, but then it got forgotten…

So now it has all been found again and I even got one block of applique done, with a few more prepared. This is how far I am:


I have done all the pieced blocks, and cut out the large plain squares. Now I have to make all the flowers and then do the house blocks – did I mention I am doing two at the same time?! One for mum and one for me.

So thank you Martina for hosting this sew-a-long and I hope I get more done next month!


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Creativity and Some Freebies!


DD has been very creative lately… actually, she has been busy for a while, and now she is finally “done”. As you can see, Meela helped out, as cats do….

DD has been working on these paper dolls since last November :) Now she has them up on craftsy – one freebie, and two for sale… This one is the freebie:


This one is a Prince and Princess with their kitty (note the kitty has its own outfit in both sets!):


It is a pdf in color and black and white:


With LOTS of outfits! All the clothes fit all the dolls…. Then she also has a Christmas one up for sale with not a kitty but….



A close up of the darling reindeer:


Isn’t it gorgeous?! Of course the quilter in me is thinking applique… :)

And talking about the quilter in me…. In January I gave her a list of words for motivation for the year, and asked her to turn them into a stitchery design for me. This is what she came up with:


I do like it…. :) I finished stitching it up a few days ago, popped it in the frame and it is up on Craftsy for free if any of you want to make one too…

Last but not least, DD designed this cute stitchery as well, great to use on a cushion or quilt…. it is up for sale on Craftsy…


So go and grab yourself some freebies (I’ve linked the photos to the pattern on craftsy, so just click on the pics to get there)… and if you have any little girls (or boys?!) in your family that might like to play with some old fashioned paper dolls, then they would make a nice pressie I am sure. Oh, and don’t forget to click “follow” so that you can see any new designs DD makes, she seems to be on a roll…!







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Skype Sewing Day



Alice and I finally caught up for a skype sewing session…. it’s been at least a year I am sure. It was lovely to just spend the morning with her, no interruptions, just sewing and chatting while being half a world apart. You can see I had it all set up nicely for maximum productivity :)

I had my cup of tea handy:


Alice had her Red Bull:


I worked on the SAL blocks, gluing them to interfacing and then machine stitching:


It seemed to work well and I got four blocks done:


Not bad for a morning’s sewing, me thinks…


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Birthday Treats

I had a lovely relaxing week last week – and also turned a year older! Susan started my birthday celebrations a day early by dropping in a yummy cake and pressie:



The colors of the fabric haven’t come out quite right – the one on the right is much greener. I am sure I will find something fun to do with them!

On Wednesday I got brecky in bed, and visitors for morning tea. I got a special apron to add to my collection, it came all the way from Africa!


And this gorgeous bundle of fat quarters:


Last but not least, I got a voucher for Gail’s from DH and kids… so I get to go shopping soon :)

In other news, this is what I did with the neutrals I showed you in the last post:


More details on that another day… must go to bed, first day of school tomorrow…! (Where did the summer holidays go?) Oh, and sorry I’m behind with replying to emails, will get there sooooon!


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We woke up with Today…. Yesterday!


DD and I were up bright and early yesterday (well, early at least), because the Today Show was filming their weather segment from Sovereign Hill. Volunteers were asked to come and be part of the backdrop, so we decided that we’d get up at 5am to join the fun… oh, and breakfast was going to be provided, so how could we resist?

It was interesting to see how the “behind the scenes” stuff worked, and how it was all put together. It was live as well, so no practice takes! Everyone was really friendly and there was a great atmosphere…

Even before we became volunteers at Sovereign Hill we were members for years, and one of the things we loved about going there were the friendly staff and volunteers. There is always lots of fun to be had when you visit, and yesterday was no different – they did some fun stuff with Stevie, the host…


…….with one of the puppets:


And Stevie was kind enough to pose with Dad and DD:


Dad was pretty excited since he always watches the Today show :) The show crossed live to us every half hour, and focused on different parts of the museum each time. When we weren’t needed, we had cuppas and I worked a bit on my sampler:


Forgot to take pics of the breakfast we had after the show. It was at the New York Bakery and was very yummy :) If that was a sample of their breakfast menu, I’ll have to go again one day!!

All in all, it was a lovely start to the day and a great experience…

Coming up next…… doing something with this fabric…….



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Back in Time


Yesterday DD and I did a bit of time travel…. actually, we have begun to do this regularly :) At the end of last year we became volunteers at Sovereign Hill, which is an outdoor gold museum in the town nearby. My dad has also joined, and it is fun for us all to spend time together. Our first day was on Christmas Eve last year, after we had a few days of training.

We spend our days wandering around in our beautiful dresses (and parasols when it is hot). It is lots of fun chatting with the tourists who come, and oh, the amount of photos we pose for – well, I don’t enjoy them as much but it is great to see the enthusiasm of the visitors who ask to have their photo taken with us.


The men spend most of their time down at the diggings, where there are real specks of gold to be found! Dad just loves to help show visitors how to pan for gold… he’s getting quite good at finding it too!



Us ladies are not allowed to go down to the diggings, so we stay around Main street, do a bit of shopping, and then we sit in one of the ladies parlors, or one of the cottages… that’s when we get to do some stitching and talking, and more smiling for photos!

I bought a couple of pre-printed cross-stitch samplers from the Post Office that I can sit and do while smiling at visitors who drop by… I’m planning on copying some more from the 1800s and then putting them into a quilt :)


A bit of a change from the world of technology, and lots of fun… and then it is back to the future for us at the end of the day :)


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Happy New Year!

Yes, I am still here!! 2014 passed in a blur, with many health issues, settling back in to Oz and not a lot of sewing happening. But I have great hopes for this year! Thanks to all of you who have sent me checking up emails, and I hope to get back into the swing of things….

We just moved house again in Nov, so I still have some boxes to unpack, but am almost there… it seems to take me longer to get settled these days, must be old age!

NJ SAL-button

I’m working on my goals for this year, and to kick it all off, I’ve joined up with Chookyblue’s SAL again! I’m looking forward to working on Anni’s new pattern, it will be the first quilt of hers I have done I think.

I’m not going to commit to much more this year with regards to sewing challenges, perhaps just one or two more. I really want to concentrate on my UFOs, so let’s see how that goes :)

Here’s to a year of many finishes for all of us!


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