Getting Settled?

I suppose you could say we are getting settled…. Unpacked the last box the other day, but still have a lot of sorting to do. Most important was the boys doing this:


Emmie G is now set up, but not running yet. And no photo of her set up because it is still a mess around her and only Alice gets to see a photo of the mess :)

I keep thinking… tomorrow it will be nice and tidy and I will take photos and blog…. However, at the moment tomorrow does not seem to be coming anytime soon!

Other things I have been up to?

* Meeting and making friends with a blog friend who has just moved to the same town…

* Caught up with my old quilt group in my little country town – lovely to see old faces and meet new ones!

* Got invited to a new quilt group that meets on a Monday morning – took Baby B with me and actually did some sewing! Amazing! Everyone was so friendly and I really enjoyed it…

* Getting DS15 ready to start school next term – buying books, uniforms, shoes, etc, etc, etc….

* Getting some scratches on my new second hand car, which only goes to show what they already know in Arabia – women should not be driving… :)

* Getting parcels in the mail from Di and Alice… so much fun…

* Oh, and last but not least…. missing Arabia and my friends there……

So, tomorrow I will take photos of a tidy quilting room (????) and blog (?????)… right???

Thanks everyone for bearing with me while I have what is turning out to be a long bloggy interruption…


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Another Quick one…

…with pics of the “bedlam” as Marilyn put it in the comments in the last post! Sorry I haven’t replied to any of your comments yet, I will get there!!

They arrived at 8.20am with two 20ft containers… admittedly the second was not entirely full… :)


The house started to fill up quickly… most important was this box:


“Swing Machine” arrived safe and sound… tick…


The guy in charge said that in all his 10 years he had never moved someone with so many bookshelves :) As the inside started to fill, they atarted leaving boxes outside….


At that stage DH said to me that he didn’t think there would be space to put Emmie G up… lol! Waking up this morning, I walked into Emmie G’s room and thought – hmmm… I think he might be right:


I’m off to have another cuppa and some brecky… and then I think I might unpack some boxes today :)


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A quick update….

I have been very unmotivated these past few months… you can tell, can’t you?! I guess I have been in waiting mode… waiting for our stuff to arrive… waiting for my husband to get here… because as I forgot to tell all of you – DH got a job back here in Oz!!!! Very exciting, although it does mean I can’t have another visit to my beloved Arabia…! Never mind, it is better to have him home :)

The waiting is almost over… DH arrived late Sat night, and our stuff arrives early tomorrow morning :) It will be all hands on deck with a 40 foot container turning up on our doorstep! Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time might remember when they came and packed it all up for Arabia three years ago:


Somehow it all went away in a TWENTY foot container, and it is coming back in a FORTY foot container…. hmmm…. well, what can I say, I might have a teeeny weeeny bit more fabric in there, and one more teeny weeny sewing machine :) Oh, I can’t wait to see Emmie G again!!!  DH even said something very silly last night – that he thinks he and the boys might get her set up tomorrow :) Hee heee…. we will see about that one!!!

Now I hope we can get somewhat settled and into a routine….. I hope!!!!

I will take some photos of the bedlam tomorrow and try to post them… until then, hope you are all doing some sewing for me!!!!


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Birthday Blessings

Last week I turned older… another year, would you believe it! I had a lovely day…

DD made me a cake with what we had on hand in the house:


It was a Brownie cake – yummy!

Got some lovely cards and pressies:


In the  middle there, is a gift voucher from my dear sister to go to Gail’s! Yay! An excuse to go to a quilt shop! (Would you believe I have not stepped foot in one since I got back to Oz?!)

I also went to see “Saving Mr Banks” with my mum, DD, and a dear friend… it was a good movie, we all enjoyed it.

In other news, I finished the rag rug for the kitchen:


Better go do the dishes…. :)


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Ready for FNSI….


‘Tis an amazing thing… I remembered AND am ready to do some sewing with lots of lovely bloggy friends around the world this Friday night! I have Baby B set up at the kitchen table, and some fabric ready on the cutting board:


The plan is to make a rag quilt mat to put in front of the kitchen sink instead of using tea towels:


I probably won’t finish it, but I should be able to make a good start, right? Oh, I also need to work on my 1 Christmas item… hmmm… I’d better got put the kettle on, make myself a cuppa and get to work…! Have fun everyone!

Update 10.15pm !


Got  heaps of squares cut out, batting as well, then sewed 16 sets together….. forgot to make that cuppa… that’s probably why I am yawning and need to head for bed….! Will see how everyone else has gone in the morning.. night night!


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A Grateful Heart

I feel like I am finally settling down and ready to catch up on some things that should have been done ages ago! The main thing I wanted to share with all of you is something so special, something I will treasure all my life…

As most of you know I had a little quilt shoppe in Arabia. It was lots of fun to run, awesome to have lots of fabric as eye candy in my own house (lol), but the best was all the friends I made while I had the shoppe. Yes, like every shop I had a few difficult customers, but the majority became good friends :)… and the memories of time with them is what I will keep in my heart always.

When I left these friends held a goodbye dinner for me at a lovely posh French restaurant:


It had a great view of one of the city’s famous towers from the balcony:


Inside we had a large table to ourselves…


And the food not only looked beautiful, but tasted great!


About 30 ladies came to have a drink or some food and say goodbye… I got lots of lovely pressies (which are all in the container, sorry no pics!), and at the end of the evening they pulled out this surprise for me:


On the back the label reads:


I have such precious memories of each person who made a block:



As I looked at each block, I could see something of the personality of the person who made it! I do love quilting and quilters!! I got one more block in the mail from a dear friend in Scotland that will go on the back next to the label… I am so blessed.

I know that as I settle back into life here in Oz I will make new friends. But there is something about a friendship made in a foreign country that is extra special. When you are all there without family, you become family. This quilt will always hang in my quilting room and remind me of the hearts that are close to mine all over the world….

As I write this post I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat…. Thank you dear friends, from a very grateful heart in Oz… Miss you guys…


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First Sewing of the year….

It is a sad thing when a quilter’s first sewing for the year is this:


Shortening little girls’ pants… :) It was nice to get Baby B up and running again though, she has been sadly neglected. Maybe this weekend I can get some “real” sewing in!!

I did get creative with little and big girls’ hair though. I did DD’s hair and my sister’s three girls:



Biggest niece:


Other two gorgeous nieces:


We hadn’t seen our nieces and nephew for over three years… all the cousins had lots of fun with each other, the older ones being patient with the younger ones and enjoying each others company…


Pity they live so far away up in Arnhem Land… who knows when we will see them again? But it was great while it lasted :)


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Phew! We are back in Oz and we have internet!!!

So sorry I have been missing in action for so long…. but I am here just in time to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!!!


A quick recap of the past six weeks or so:


We arrived in Oz early Nov and moved into a rental property with a nice big room to fit Emmie G in when she arrives :)


Emmie G is currently on a boat somewhere between Singapore and here, looking like this:


They have written “Swing Machine” on the box, I hope it is a typo and they haven’t replaced her with a swing set :)





Our new house here has a lovely big garden and I have already planted some veggies… now that I have internet I need to take some photos.

Got a new baby to cuddle:


Kids are settling in well, hubby should be coming for a visit soon we hope…

And, well, that is all the news really! I will try and visit blogs now that the net is going. Until then,


Merry Christmas!!!!



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Aladdin’s Cave

There’s a place downtown that the sewing ladies call “Aladdin’s Cave”.  It is in the basement of a place called Deera Hotel… which isn’t a hotel as far as I can tell, all I can see are shops… but anyway, in the basement, in amongst the carpark are little haberdashery shops, with sewing treasures of all sorts…


Most of the stuff here you buy in bulk….


and it’s really cool stuff!!!


Lace, tassles, buttons, ribbons, zips, needles, scissors, sequins, etc, etc, etc….

Today was my last visit – who knows when I will come again? One day, I hope. But in the meantime I stocked up on the following:


Regular cotton sewing/quilting thread, embroidery thread, some buttons, sequins, lace, shirring elastic, machine needles, a few rolls of ribbons… so much cheaper than back in Oz, I know I will be pleased I made another quick trip to Aladdin’s Cave before I left….



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Some Sew-a-longs!!!

I have wonderful friends. Really, I do. Blog friends, real life friends… friends who help me de-stress while I am in the middle of an international move….

Friend #1 is Alice of course, who is always there to hear me whine, to skype sew with, and to be my partner in crime for starting new projects :) Every since we had the Square-agonals giveaway, we have been wanting to do a sew-along with this book:


Fiona won the copy from the giveaway and is keen to join us, and Alice has found the book for sale HERE, so if anyone else wants to join in….. we’d love to have you along for the ride !!!

This quilt is going to be a big one – 94 x 118. I  have never made one this large and am quite looking forward to it. It will be nice to have a big one like this for on our bed.

We don’t have a start date yet, we will wait to see who wants to join and give everyone time to buy the book and find fabric. We are planning to do a block a fortnight because one a month will take too long, and one a week is too much….


The next Sew-along comes courtesy of Mari, wonderful friend #2 (who is in the process of setting up a blog). Mari got a hundred 2 1/2″ squares  from a blog friend in the US as a swap to make a postage stamp quilt. She then decided to swap with me and a few more friends here, so I took my 2 1/2″ scrap box to a sewing bee on Tuesday and Mari and two others managed to easily find 100 different squares each, and hardly a dent made in the box!

I wasn’t quite sure what I would make with these swapped squares, but then I found this quilt on Pinterest and fell in love:

Gorgeous Quilt on Pinterest

This is basically a triple Irish Chain using scraps. I showed Alice and she fell in love too… so… this is a call out to all of my dear blog friends – since I am going back to Australia I can send and receive parcels again – who wants to swap ONE HUNDRED 2 1/2″ squares with me?!!! And with Alice?? And with whoever wants to join in???? Maybe 100 is too many, we could do 50… what do you all think?

We will probably start making blocks as soon as we start getting squares in the mail…. no time frame involved with this one. Since it is scrappy, we can just add to it as we get swapped squares in… I will hunt up a tutorial or write one before we start…

So, just leave a comment here to let me know if you want to join in on either of the sew-alongs…  Any of my friends here in Arabia want to join in before I leave in a few weeks? I have plenty of 2 1/2″ squares left in my tub!!!





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