Sharks in the Desert

Once upon a time there was a great flood…. it covered all the world…. even Arabia… All the sea creatures had a great time going where they had never gone before…. however, when the waters began to recede a large group of sharks found themselves stuck in the middle of the Arabian Desert. Years and years and years and years later all that remain of these sharks are… their teeth….

Their teeth you say? In the middle of the Arabian Desert? Yes, trust me… Now I really don’t know how the teeth got there, I am just speculating of course….. but wait, let me show you some photos first of where we went…

We set out just after lunch and drove a couple of hours out of the city to find a camp site. The weather was just gorgeous! It got a little cool overnight, 15C, but setting up camp, having a bbq and a small fire was fantastic. No wind, so no sand in our meat :)


We popped the tents close to the ridge of a sand dune to hide from any wind that might come up… which actually did the next morning just when we were leaving:


After brecky we headed off 10 k’s down the road to where we hoped we would find some shark’s teeth. This was our third or fourth time we had been there, but for some in our group it was the first. This is the terrain we headed to, not a great place to camp like in the soft dunes, which is why we camped elsewhere:


And this is a pic of it up close:


Somewhere in the midst of this gravel we were going to find teeth :)


The next hour or so we got sunburnt, windburnt, and also got sore backs :)

Back to how the teeth got there…. one of the big questions is not how they got there, but how there came to be soooo many in that one spot.  We went there for the first time 11 years ago, and who knows how many hundreds of people have been there before then and since then, and we still manage to find some teeth there every time.

It took a while this time… there were almost some very disappointed amateur archeologists, but just before we left we found a treasure trove! This is what I found:


In amongst the pile there are some bits of quartz, slate, fossilized shells, interesting looking rocks and a few different types of sharks teeth.

I’m sure there were lots more in that little spot, but we left them there for someone else to find :) So, if you are interested, let me know and I can send you the GPS location!




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6 Responses to Sharks in the Desert

  1. alice says:

    Cool pile of goodies. Garion would have loved to do that.

  2. Lola says:


  3. Terry says:

    That’s cool! I have a small collection of shark’s teeth, but mine came from the beach in Florida! :0)

  4. Susan Smith says:

    Not sure about camping in the desert, but sounds like a great experience and glad you found a few teeth. How long now before you come home? We are off to Ballarat again this Saturday, hopefully to find something this time.

  5. Fiona says:

    oh my gosh… how fascinating….what a mystery… I am trusting God has dvd’s of all this stuff to show us after we leave this earth!

  6. Kim says:

    How interesting! And I’m with you on the theory of how they got there, but why they’re all gathered in one spot is quite a mystery.

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